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Project Description

A light Weight Single Sign On Solution that helps the cross domains to allow single sign on.
This Solution depends on Token generation with different encryptions and the sites will use these tokens to bypass the login page of different applications.

All the tokens have very short life time (configurable) so that it is practically impossible to break the encryption.

Application Run instructions
1) Run the application in a normal way by hitting F5 or Ctrl+F5.
2) By default, Silverlight based application is the startup one which displays the online users and their requested tokens for testing
or monitoring purpose.
3) Invoke the Authentication Web Service in any fashion and call the methods one by one.
4) You will the calling results on Silverlight application.
5) You can use SingleSignOn.Administration, FirstWebSite, SecondWebSite to play with Single Sign On.

Request to Application User
1) Please feel free to send your comments or wish lists.
Please use Discussions tab.

Technologies Used:
1) .Net 3.5
2) WCF - for authentication service
3) ASP.Net - for web site testing
4) Silverlight 2 - To track the service behavior of online users and their tokens.

Configurable Features
1) Login Time Out
2) Token Time Out
3) Recycle Time

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